The Movement


Now We Workin’

Before being a brand, Now We workin' is a movement, an impulse to join together and federate people who share a set of values. 

It concerns everyone, women, men, young and old.


Humility, Respect, Sharing, Will Power, Determination, Strength, Confidence and Conviction are the foundation of this brand is based.

The Now We Workin' brand is an invitation to BELIEVE that if you dare, you will succeed, whatever the project, whatever the goal and that by working without fear of effort, success is at the end of the road.

Now We workin' 

 is an Apparel lifestyle & accessories brand, not just another  clothing brand, it’s a movement - a Quote statement of who you are.

Now We Workin’ exist because of YOU, you are the one who want to work and put your incredible potential and idea in action.

Now We Workin’ is led by:

Basile Kamalandua.