Inside Now We Workin'

People often ask about the story behind Now We Workin', so I thought it would be good to get something down in writing to share with our customers and followers. We're often so busy working on the next big idea, that we don't take the time to step back and think about how we got here. I'm proud that creating and building Now We Workin' has been an organic journey driven by creative, hard-working people, dedication, ambition and a love of sport, fashion, fitness and competition. 

 I started Now We Workin' in 2018 from my bedroom in Herne Hill,South East London, with £100 of my own money. Graduated from Personal Training course in 2016 and having been rejected from multiple job applications, my goal was simply to turn that £100 into a small profit while I worked out what I would do with my new life as a newbie Personal Trainer. I had always dreamed of starting a business, but hadn't yet matched that ambition with a tangible idea.

Now We Workin’ is led by:

Basile Kamalandua.